Desserts – 4 ingredients or less!

Y’all have probably figured out by now that I love easy recipes. If it has just a few ingredients, especially if it’s a dessert…I’m going to give it a try. Here is a round up of quick and easy desserts, with just 4 ingredients or less!

I’m always amazed how something so simple can turn out so well! I shared these a while back over at , where I am a part-time contributing writer, and forgot to post here to let you all know. I’d love for you to head over at check them out!

If you are also a fan of the quick and easy, here are some other recipes that are low maintenance, yet tasty. Keeping a few items on hand will always allow you to whip something up at a moment’s notice. Your friends will think you are a master in the kitchen, but you will know you are the master of the shortcut!


Cake Mix Cookie Bars {4 ingredients}

Shortcut Lemon Brownies {3-ingredients}

3-Ingredient Cookies (no cake mix)

Chocolate Pudding Cake {4-ingredients}

Dump Cake {3-ingredients}

Skinny Apple Angel Food Cake {2-ingredients}

Bubble Up Apple Pie {4 ingredients}

Strawberries – A recipe round-up

Are you seeing bright red, delicious strawberries everywhere right now? Maybe you want to grab some and make one of these recipes for Father’s Day! Or for tomorrow…because why wait?!

Strawberry Spectacular – this has sweetened condensed milk AND cream cheese…so you know it’s gonna be good!
Strawberry Zucchini Marmalade – this doesn’t actually have fresh strawberries in it, but maybe you have zucchini piling up…you will be surprised at how yummy this is!
I’ve got a few others on my “to make” list as well, like this , , and – which is definitely my kind of salad.
What’s your favorite strawberry recipe?

National Donut Day! Recipes & Freebies

Not only is it Friday, which is awesome in itself, it’s also National Donut Day! If you follow me on (and you should! I share lots of stuff that doesn’t make it to the blog.) you already know this. Because some holidays are more exciting than others. ABC News released a list of all the places to score today…free donuts are definitely news worthy.

For the rest of us, who are trying to avoid fried dough like the plague, I have some healthier versions that can be baked up at home. Yes, I said baked. Yes, I know a baked donut is basically a muffin, but hey, we’re doin’ all we can here to fit into a dag blasted bathing suit. Yes, I said dag blasted. Because apparently I’m 80. 

So, here we go:
Baked Meyer Lemon Donuts (can be made with regular lemons or even oranges, or a combo of both!)

What’s your favorite donut? 

Ideas for Easter Brunch

Looking for ideas for Easter Brunch?
Check out this round-up to make an extra special breakfast or brunch for Easter or anytime! Muffins, scones, breakfast casseroles, and more.

Make Ahead Awesome Breakfast Casserole

Baked Bacon and Eggs

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Warm Fruit Compote

Breakfast Pizza

Sausage and Hashbrown Casserole

Ham and Cheese Biscuit Pull-Apart Casserole

Baked French Toast with Streusel Topping

Sausage, Ham and Cheese Quiche

French Toast Casserole (egg-free)

Copycat King’s Hawaiian Bread

Sausage Balls

Sausage Muffins

Easy Oven Pancakes

Chai Latte Scones

German Pancakes

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Muffins

Monkey Bread (with Parker House Rolls)

Easter Treats – Dessert Recipe Round-up

Easter is just around the corner, which doesn’t seem possible seeing as we had SNOW FLURRIES over the weekend! Most of the time, Spring is in full swing by Easter. However, the weather will not stop me from making bright and cheerful desserts. You gotta stand strong! Break out the pastel candy even if you are wearing jeans and sweaters! Bake up some lemony goodness despite the gray and cold! WILL IT to be Spring!! Okay, so maybe I got carried away.

Check out this round up of Easter Treats!

(Pictured above)
Cadbury ‘Deviled’ Eggs – No recipe – just Cadbury Eggs, cut in half and decorated with yellow frosting and sprinkles to look like deviled eggs. Very cute, VERY sweet! (It helps to chill the eggs for cleaner cuts)
Spring Kit Kat Cake
Thick and Chewy Cookies with Spring Chocolate Chips (or candy)
My favorite Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars – can also make with spring candy or chocolate chips
Quick and Easy Lemon Brownies (3 ingredients!)
I don’t know about y’all, but I’m hungry now! Have you made out your menu for Easter Sunday? I’m still deciding…
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Meyer Lemon Recipe Round Up

I’m pretty much in love with Meyer lemons right now, so I thought I would do a little round-up. It’s helping me cope with the winter blues. I’m ready for Spring!

Low Fat Meyer Lemon Muffins – I know I just posted these, but just in case you missed them!
Citrus Blueberry Loaf with Meyer Lemon Glaze (this is a shortcut recipe using a mix)
Meyer Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo –  I love this soup, and have some in my fridge right now!
Egg Free Lemon Curd – made with Meyer Lemons and would be really good on the above baked oatmeal!
Glazed Meyer Lemon Almond Cookies – I really need to make these again soon.
No Bake Meyer Lemon Pie – Love these, and only 2 ingredients…what’s not to love!
Are you Team Lemon? What’s your favorite lemon recipe?

My Top 10 Favorite “Skinny” Recipes

I’m always experimenting in the kitchen, and often trying to reduce calories here and there while still having something good to eat. I like to try out new recipes, so something has to be pretty good for me to make it over and over again. Here is a list of “skinnier” recipes that I make frequently. (But remember…skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthy!)

Top Ten Skinny Recipes:

1. 3-2-1- Skinny Mug Cake – this is actually a favorite of my children. All 3 like to make these, and they are handy for after school snacks or after dinner dessert. I personally don’t like them all that much unless I top it with hot fudge or chocolate chips or you know, something to make it fattening! It’s certainly not a health food, just a lighter version of cake! (and made in single servings)

2.  Super Skinny Chocolate Muffins {copycat Vitatops} – These are very chocolate-y but have a pretty healthy ingredient list. I love them with a cup of coffee.

3. ‘Skinny’ Pizza – I ate these all the time when doing Weight Watchers. They are quick and easy and satisfy that craving for pizza.

4. 2-ingredient Apple Angel Food Cake – This recipe actually comes from Weight Watchers. You can use any pie filling or even a can of crushed pineapple. I’ve made several flavors. 

5. Baked Mozzarella Sticks – this is another favorite of my kids, and we have recently discovered Baked Cheese Cups…which they also love. These are best when eaten soon after they are made.

6. Baked Egg Rolls – (can also be made in won ton cups.) I make egg rolls A LOT. I love them, they are filled with vegetables and baked, not fried. When I did Weight Watchers, one egg roll wrapper was only one point too!

7. Homemade Turkey Sausage  – I rarely buy pork sausage anymore, and make this often. I have been experimenting with different spice combos…but this one is pretty good and basic. You can add heat or whatever you like to achieve the taste you want. I usually make breakfast sausage, but sometimes Italian too.

8. Bourbon Chicken – this is a great alternative to take-out Chinese food. It’s not fried, and it’s delicious.

9. Low-fat Brownies – made with brownie mix and yogurt. Again, I can’t say they are healthy, but sometimes you gotta have a brownie. (Black bean brownies are also good, but these are so quick and easy.)

10. Low Carb Pizza Crust – my favorite low carb pizza crust to date, you can pick it up without it falling apart, and it has a “real” pizza feel to it. My only minor complaint is the natural sweetness that comes out when roasting cauliflower.

Do you have a favorite “skinny” recipe? I’m thinking of putting together a list of crock-pot and soup recipes too. Maybe casseroles…anyone interested?

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Happy 4th and good riddance Hurricane Arthur!

Well, Hurricane Arthur decided to make an appearance just in time to ruin a lot of folks’ July 4th plans…lots of people left the beach, fireworks were cancelled/postponed, cookouts were abandoned…BUT Arthur is out of here and thankfully no major damage was done (that I know of). Some minor wind damage, and routine flooding, but nothing compared to what a hurricane is capable of, nor what we’ve experienced around here in the past. For that, I am grateful! I hope everyone else fared as well as my family and friends did. In light of all that, I didn’t make any goodies for the 4th, but here are a few quick and easy things I’ve done in the past, and may do before the weekend is over!

Red, White and Blue Kabobs – quick and easy…no oven required!

Patriotic Sweet and Salty Bark – also no baking/cooking required

Strawberry Spectacular – add blueberries to make it red,white and blue!

Red, White, and Blueberry Overnight Oats – okay, so probably not something you are going to serve a crowd, but hey, it’s patriotic 🙂

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pizza – there are so many variations for this easy fruit pizza..if you made this with white chocolate and added some red and blue sprinkles or colored sugar, or blueberries…could also use a sweetened cream cheese spread as the “sauce”, then top with strawberries and blueberries…yumm

Top this Weight Watchers low fat Cherry Angel Food Cake with light whipped topping and blueberries – and you have a treat without all the guilt…

And I guess there is more to life than dessert…
Hot dog - All the way
Whip up this 3 ingredient chili in no time at all – it’s quick, easy, and best of all…delicious! I’ve made this many times.

This lightened up Loaded Potato Salad makes a great side for any cookout too…

And you need something to drink to wash all this goodness down…

Southern Iced Fruit Tea

Pineapple Margaritas

What’s on tap for your weekend?

Last Minute Memorial Day Menu Ideas

If you are a procrastinator like myself, or just looking for a couple more items to add to the menu, I’ve pulled together some things I’ve made in the past that would be good options for a Memorial Day cookout or feeding a crowd.
Hot dog - All the way
Hot Dogs with super easy (I’ve made this several times and it always goes over well!)
Onion Ring Burgers (same link as above)
Eastern NC BBQ – (crockpot)
Lightened Up Loaded Potato Salad (I’ve made this several times, it’s so good!)
(my favorite part!)
Homemade Pineapple or Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (requires ice cream maker)
Banana Oreo Ice Cream (Just a blender needed!)
Apple/Snicker Bar Salad (lightened up!)
Cake Mix Cookie Bars or Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake (both only 4 ingredients!)
(this can be apple, cherry, lemon, etc. and only 2 ingredients!)
Happy Memorial Day!

Menu Plan Monday

Once again, the theme this week is quick and easy. Two of my three kids are playing ball and it’s practice or ball games…constantly. Some days we have 2 different games, at 2 different locations AT THE SAME TIME. Someone clone me please! One way to help keep my sanity is at least have a menu planned out for the week – even if it’s frozen fish fillets…which is on the menu tonight. (I never said I was a gourmet chef!)

(Sam’s Club)



Chicken and Dumpling Casserole (yes, I eat this at least once a month! It’s a great recipe for using rotisserie chicken…which I also got from Sam’s. Can you tell I made a trip recently?)
Green Beans

Hamburger and Hashbrown Casserole

Breakfast for dinner (In keeping with the casserole theme this week, I’m thinking either this Egg Free French Toast Casserole

or this Easy Baked French Toast with Streusel Topping)

Along with grits, turkey bacon or sausage and strawberries


Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza (this is so simple!)

What’s on your menu?

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