No Bake, 2 ingredient, Meyer Lemon Pie

Yep, you read that right…2 ingredients and no baking required.  (Okay, with the crust, it’s 3 ingredients!)

This is one of my favorite pies. Come check out my post over at !

6 thoughts on “No Bake, 2 ingredient, Meyer Lemon Pie

  1. Just a dumb question … is there a reason you couldn't post it on your own blog instead of the two step that was required? I ask because I always seem to have problems with links. While this one worked on the first try, that isn't always the case and it gets very frustrating trying to find a recipe that looked good.

  2. Not a dumb question Joan, it's just that I am a contributing writer for the site Eat at Home, and when I do a post over there, I usually tell my readers about it here. Glad the linked worked for you!

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