‘Cheater’ Chili – for hot dogs and more! {3 ingredients}

If you are chili challenged like myself, you will love this recipe! It taste great and is SUPER easy. It makes a great topping for hot dogs. This is how we do it baby…

Hot dog - All the way
Hot dogs, East Carolina style 🙂
Cheater Chili EAH
Some meat and a couple of pantry staples is all you need for this shortcut chili recipe! Do me a huge favor and hop over to see my post over at for the recipe. Did I mention it can be made on the stovetop or the crockpot? Word
Happy 4th y’all! Be safe. 

2 thoughts on “‘Cheater’ Chili – for hot dogs and more! {3 ingredients}

  1. I just asked Hubs to fire up the grill….I need a hot dog, stat! Happy 4th!

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