Desserts – 4 ingredients or less!

Y’all have probably figured out by now that I love easy recipes. If it has just a few ingredients, especially if it’s a dessert…I’m going to give it a try. Here is a round up of quick and easy desserts, with just 4 ingredients or less!

I’m always amazed how something so simple can turn out so well! I shared these a while back over at , where I am a part-time contributing writer, and forgot to post here to let you all know. I’d love for you to head over at check them out!

If you are also a fan of the quick and easy, here are some other recipes that are low maintenance, yet tasty. Keeping a few items on hand will always allow you to whip something up at a moment’s notice. Your friends will think you are a master in the kitchen, but you will know you are the master of the shortcut!


Cake Mix Cookie Bars {4 ingredients}

Shortcut Lemon Brownies {3-ingredients}

3-Ingredient Cookies (no cake mix)

Chocolate Pudding Cake {4-ingredients}

Dump Cake {3-ingredients}

Skinny Apple Angel Food Cake {2-ingredients}

Bubble Up Apple Pie {4 ingredients}

Strawberries – A recipe round-up

Are you seeing bright red, delicious strawberries everywhere right now? Maybe you want to grab some and make one of these recipes for Father’s Day! Or for tomorrow…because why wait?!

Strawberry Spectacular – this has sweetened condensed milk AND cream cheese…so you know it’s gonna be good!
Strawberry Zucchini Marmalade – this doesn’t actually have fresh strawberries in it, but maybe you have zucchini piling up…you will be surprised at how yummy this is!
I’ve got a few others on my “to make” list as well, like this , , and – which is definitely my kind of salad.
What’s your favorite strawberry recipe?

Thanksgiving Ideas – Desserts!

For some of us, dessert is the most important part of any meal. For others, it’s an afterthought…and for some, it’s whatever can be bought because you absolutely hate to bake. Whatever category you fall into, there should be something here for you! We love dessert around here, so there were lots of recipes to choose from and most of them are pretty easy to whip up.

Pumpkin Spice Cake – this is a “doctored” cake mix and is full of Fall flavor.
Brown Sugar Pumpkin Cheesecake – a little more labor intensive but a change from traditional pumpkin pie
Pecan Pie Brownies – I think the name speaks for itself. Elevate your traditional pecan pie with a brownie base! These have gotten rave reviews in the past.
Fudgey Mocha Nut Pie – Another pecan and chocolate combo…this pie is rich and delicious. We will be making this or Chocolate Chess Pie this year.
Chocolate Chess Pie – a Southern tradition that makes an appearance every year.
Chocolate Oreo Chess Pie – We made this one last year. It was amazing. There is also a Chocolate Chip Cookie version a.k.a. Baltimore Bomb Pie. It’s the bomb alright!
If you are looking for something super quick and easy, I have a round up of “dump cakes“, as in ‘dump and go’, just a few ingredients but oh so good. The above Blueberry Dump Cake is one of my favorite desserts ever.
These German Chocolate Cake bars are one of the most popular recipes on my blog. Or you could go for the “real thing” …
German Chocolate Cake – the frosting is phenomenal.
A few other things that may come in handy – this 5-Minute Chocolate Frosting is delicious, and because my son is allergic to nuts and is super picky, I will be making cookies with my favorite thick and chewy cookie base. I’ll be adding fall colored M’s which he loves.
I also have some ‘special diet’ recipes – Dairy Free Chocolate Pie which is so good no one would ever know what it’s made of; Low Carb Chocolate Eclair Cake; low carb, gluten free “Thin Mints“; egg free Chocolate Cake (aka wacky cake). This is my “” Pinterest Board too.
As you can see, we usually do things a little different than the traditional pumpkin and pecan pie! Well, I should say in addition to the traditional pecan and pumpkin pie. You can’t have too many desserts!
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