Beyond the fence! Adventures with a fur baby.

Summer is an excellent time to discover the great outdoors with your fur babies. Dog Fence DIY encourages exploration beyond the fence! They have sponsored this post, but all content is my own.

There is a reason so many people love dogs. I mean, seriously, just look at that face! 
Not only are they super duper cute, dogs make such good companions. They love unconditionally and are always glad to see you…even if you have only been gone for a few minutes! We welcomed this little pup into our family a little over a year ago. He weighed in at about 4 pounds at the time! He is now a whopping 14 pounds, and full grown.
My kids fell in love with him immediately.
It has certainly not been an easy time…he has given me my share of headaches, not to mention put quite a dent in my pocketbook. However, when you take on the responsibilities of a pet, you have to take care of them, no matter what. So, even though he wakes me up at 5 in the morning, and even though it took almost a full year to get him potty trained, and even though he will eat ANYTHING…when he “says” hold me, and gives me doggy kisses, I have to admit that he has my heart.
He has also been a great companion to our older dog. They are pretty much inseparable.
(You can see where he started eating the dog bed! We have been through several.)
Taking care of your pet is more than just giving them food and water.  It also includes spending time with him or her. They need to have cuddle time, play time, and time to run around and explore. Now that it is nice and warm (but before it gets too hot for little paws on the asphalt!) we take our dogs for walks around the neighborhood. We take the little one more often than our large dog because the dachshund doesn’t get the opportunity to run around our yard as much. Since he will eat absolutely anything and everything, he has to go out on a lease or be closely supervised at all times, whereas our big dog can roam around and hang out outside as much as he likes (which isn’t all that much. He has gotten very lazy in his old age!) 

Our neighborhood is on the sound, so we will walk down to the dock and let him check out the new sights and smells. (You never know what might be down there…crab shells, leftover bait, swimmers, other dogs!) It’s a great opportunity for him to {safely} explore Beyond the Fence! Isn’t he a pretty boy?!
It doesn’t take too much walking for these little legs to get tired!
Once Tuck is all tuckered out :-), we head back home so he can get a drink and usually take a nap.  He prefers to take a nap in someone’s lap. He likes to be held A LOT!
Spoiled much?!  
What about you? Do you have pets? What kinds of adventures do you go on?!

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