My Bahamas Vacay

My husband and I have been married for 15 years. For our 12th, 13th, and 14th wedding anniversary…my other half was out of town! It was for work and couldn’t be helped, but celebrating your wedding anniversary via Facetime just isn’t the same. So, we had said that this year, since my husband was going to be home, we would try to do something special…and we did! We spent a few days in the Bahamas. It was gorgeous!

I’m not much on flying, but seeing this from the plane helped!
As well as plenty of ginger ale. (And I couldn’t resist Biscoff cookies, regardless of how queasy I felt!)
The main entrance of the hotel. The grounds were beautiful.
Why, yes! I’ll be happy to hang out here…
or here…
The birds like the pool too!
The most popular food I saw…conch! Conch fritters, conch stew, conch husband tried the fritters. He said they were ‘fine’. So…I don’t know what to do with that. I didn’t try them. I’m not an adventurous eater, especially with seafood.
Especially when the seafood looks like that! They said it was a mussel. Again, my husband ate it. He said it was ‘alright’.
This was more my speed. A Cajun Fish Sandwich – not as spicy as I was hoping but pretty good.
It paired well with a Corona…which, what doesn’t?
This was a meal I could identify all the components (as opposed to the soup we were given when seated. It was something with goat!) This was an amazing grilled steak. Everything was delicious…it was perfectly seasoned and cooked. The salad was basic but delicious. The potatoes were good, even the drizzle on the plate was fantastic! I was in love, and it was just a very small steakhouse and bar in the Port Lucaya Marketplace. I wish I knew the name of it, but it was fabulous.
I did get a little more adventurous at the ‘Traditional Bahamian Buffet’ offered at the resort one night. Sorry for the blurry cell phone pic, but it was interesting. The Curried Seafood Chowder was good, even though I know I was eating lots of different things that I would rather not think about. They had a dessert called Guava Duff with Rum Sauce that was very good. I didn’t get a pic, but found it online .
To burn off some of those calories, we walked around the grounds and saw where they were setting up for a wedding…
Not a bad spot to get married in! I wanted to crash the reception but my husband wasn’t down for that idea.
Here is another gazebo where the spa offers outdoor massages.
We also had the opportunity to swim with dolphins! It was so much fun! Dolphins are amazingly intelligent animals.
More intelligent than I am, because I’ve already forgotten which command I was giving this dolphin.
What about you? What fabulous vacations have you been on? I need to make a vacation bucket list!

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