Switch & Go Dinos – Review & GIVEAWAY {#sponsored}

Yes, another giveaway! This one is for the little ones in your life. My 5 year old is actually responsible for this review…he was more than happy to help mom out 🙂 Upon opening the Switch & Go Dinos…

We were given the opportunity to review a new toy from ‘s Switch & Go Dino line.  Is it a helicopter? Is it a dinosaur? No, it’s Blister the Velociraptor!

It’s a helicopter that easily transforms into a dinosaur…what little boy wouldn’t like that?! (And probably some little girls too!)

Mr. Three immediately went to work transforming his helicopter into a dinosaur. He was amazed by all the sound and visual effects he discovered. The helicopter makes realistic flying sounds, has an LED search light, and things you can launch, which my son loves!

This was my favorite however. After changing it over to a dinosaur, he discovered that the dinosaur’s eyes are animated. He was so funny, I’m glad I still had my camera out!
There is more to this than ‘just a toy’ too. As I have come to expect and appreciate from VTech toys, they are educational as well. In dinosaur mode, there are sound effect buttons that make dinosaur sounds, but also phrases that teach facts about each dino. In addition to Blister the Velociraptor, there is also Jagger the T-Rex™, SkySlicer the Allosaurus™, MC Roar the Giganotosaurus™, Stompsalot the Amargasaurus™, Quiver the Stygimoloch™, Torr the Therizinosaurus™ and Akuna the Velociraptor™! Kids can have a army of helicopters and a family of dinosaurs!
I was thrilled that it sparked my son’s imagination, kept him entertained, and away from his hand held video games. I have found Blister in dinosaur mode, ‘guarding’ the entrance to the playroom – I guess my son is trying to keep his other toys protected 🙂
Now that I’ve told you about this awesome toy, you want one too right?! Well, the fabulous folks of VTech have offered just that. One Makin’ it Mo’Betta reader will win a Blister the Velociraptor™, and with Christmas right around the corner, this would be a great toy for Santa to have in his sack!  To enter, just complete the Rafflecopter form.
Open to US residents.
As stated, I received a sample product from VTech to review. All opinions expressed are my own or that of my official toy-tester (my 5 y/o son).

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