Easter Treats

Easter is Sunday! I can’t believe we are already into April.  Sunday is also Mr. Three’s birthday!  Soooo….I guess after this weekend he will technically be Mr. Four.  It seems like I just gave birth to the kid, and here he is turning 4, getting SO tall, and spraying my toilet with…..oops….sorry.  TMI.

Since I have been focused on birthday party stuff (yes, we just had a birthday around here) I haven’t done any cute little Easter stuff.  So, I thought I would post a few things from last year, and things I have planned for the weekend.

Made these for Mr. Three’s preschool Easter party last year.  
He missed his party this year b/c he was sick :(
I made this last year, and put it back up this year.  This wreath, a tablecloth and one little Easter tree sitting on the table are the ONLY decorations I’ve done this year! Slacker.
Pure awesomeness. Traditional.  Will be making again.
photo via
I think these are so cute! Plan to make these and take to my parents’ house on Sunday.  I bet they are so sweet your teeth will fall out if you eat them, but the kids will get a kick out of them.  And nothing is too sweet to a child!
Margarita Cake
Photo via
This citrus-y cake sounds perfect for spring.  And it has Tequila 😀
It’s it bad to have Tequila on Easter? hmmmm…
I’m thinking about making a cranberry-lime curd to go with it.  We’ll see how it goes.  I might just have some tequila and forget about baking altogether.  This is obviously the grown up dessert.  
So, those are my planned Easter treats.  What are y’all up to for the weekend?
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5 thoughts on “Easter Treats

  1. cute cupcake treats! Kids do grow up so quickly…my youngest will be 15 this year! and I can't even believe it!!!! Happy Easter Kim!

  2. I love those peep cupcakes!! Peeps are my daughters favorite – and even though she's 20 she still is getting an Easter basket!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The cadbury deviled eggs look delish – KB would love them.

    I saw some chocolate dipped peeps that looked good too.

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