Cinnamon Sugar Bread

I don’t think there is anything better than fresh baked bread….and this cinnamon sugar bread smells soooo good while it’s cooking!  The perfect thing for this dreary, cold (what’s up with that?! Did Mother Nature not get the memo that it is Spring?!) Monday morning.  We had 80 degree temps last week, mid to high 80’s one day…then today…chance of snow flurries. WTH?  Anyway, enough of me complaining about the weather again.  There are so many other things I could be complaining about.  Like my middle child, who has caused all kinds of drama last week from telling what she thought was a little white lie, which had me all up at her school like mom-zilla the psycho mom.  I could kick her little ass.  But anyway, the truth will set you free people
I had not meant to go down that path…I’m here to talk carbs.  Cinnamon-y, sugary, sweet BREAD. YUM!!  Which is ironic, since I’ve decided not to eat any carbs this week.  We will see how long that lasts.  I’m carb detoxing.  I’m short and fat.  Obviously I can’t do much abt my 5’2″ stature other than wear stilletos – which really don’t go with sweat pants – but I can and will do something about this….this….fluffiness.  I’m out to lose 20 lbs.  But right now I’m shooting for 10.  It shouldn’t be that hard right?!  Yeah, I’ve lost this same 20 lbs before…and damn if it didn’t come right back to me.  Of course, if you saw all the stuff I made during Christmas, you know why.  B/c not only do I cook a lot, I eat it as well. 

Moving on…this bread is delicious anytime of day, but we especially enjoyed it in the morning.  My son loves cinnamon toast, so he really likes this bread.  I love something a little sweet with coffee in the morning, and this fits the bill.  (Of course, this morning I’m having a boiled eggs. help me.) 

The recipe is from the lovely (preggars) Lisa from …go give her a big congrats!

• 1 cup milk

• 1 egg   *I used an egg replacement of 1 t. baking powder/1 T. vinegar/1 T. milk

• 1/4 cup applesauce

• 3 cups bread flour

• 1/2 cup sugar

• 1/2 t salt

• 1.5 t cinnamon

• 2 teaspoons yeast

Place ingredients in bread maker pan.

Set machine for quick bread or sweet bread.

When the machine is done mixing and starts to bake, open the top and sprinkle sugar on top of the bread.

Let bake for remaining time.

**I forgot to add sugar once it started baking and Lisa says this can be made in a loaf pan if you don’t have a bread maker! 
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7 thoughts on “Cinnamon Sugar Bread

  1. no carbs?! this bread does look good. that little dessert i made lastnight? yeah, didn't make it 1 hour before it was demolished. it was good and soooo crazy easy.

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  3. Actually, I am of the "older" generation, I'm 56, and my husband is 60. We both grew up in Ohio. I don't know if this was an "ohio thing" or just something that kids of the 1950's and 1960's grew up with, but both our mothers ALWAYS gave us "sugar sandwiches" for lunch. A piece of Wonder bread,(builds bodies 12 ways!" butter and sugar sprinkled on, and folded over (yes, the folded over part was important too!) Your post brought many fond memories (and probably a reason for my plethora of cavities!) but no matter, I am going to fix this recipe and "share the memories" with my hubby. When I was a kid, we never drank "pop" nor a lot of candy, but we ALWAYS had our sugar sandwiches! Thanks for the memories!

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