Upside Down Pizza Casserole

Just in time for the weekend, I present this little twist on your regular pizza night. My family loves pizza in all shapes, flavors and forms. We eat low carb, crustless, thin crust, thick crust, with meat, without meat, you name it! So, when I saw this at Eat at Home, I knew I had to give it a try.

I’m glad I did! It was delicious. I’m not sure why it seemed even better than “regular” pizza, but it was to me. My girls thought it was too much sauce, but I felt it was just right. My son picked out the meat, but then he ate it. There just isn’t any pleasing all of my kids at the same time!
See, it’s literally an upside down pizza! However, it has a thicker, heartier filling and it is made in a 9 x 13 casserole dish, which is easy and convenient for me. Plus, it’s just something a little different. I get tired of the same ol’ thing.
If you serve it crust side down, it isn’t the prettiest. However, one bite of all that ooey, gooey, cheese will make you forget what it looks like.  Or you could always serve it crust side up, like a pot pie.

Upside down Pizza

1 premade pizza crust (I used Pillsbury)*
3 cups shredded cheese (I used an assortment of cheeses; great way to use up those partial bags!)
1 jar pizza sauce
Meat and/or veggies of choice (I used turkey pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and some leftover Italian Meatballs)
*If you want to make your crust from scratch, check out the one from . It looks simple, but the night I made this I was very short on time. My girls had to be on opposite ends of the county at the same time…anyone know how to clone? I could use another ‘me’ sometimes!
  • Preheat oven to 425 F (or as directed if using premade crust)
  • Grease a 9 x 13 inch casserole dish
  • sprinkle cheese in an even layer across bottom of pan
  • add meats and veggies over the cheese
  • pour sauce over the meat, spreading it over entire surface
  • Top sauce with pizza dough. Since I used a premade crust, I just opened the can, stretched it out enough to cover my casserole dish, and laid it over the filling.
  • Make a few slits in the top of the dough and bake 25 minutes or until golden brown and crust is done (check times on premade crust)
  • Enjoy!
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