Eating Fresh with Old El Paso and a GIVEAWAY (#sponsored)

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Have you been enjoying fresh fruits and veggies this summer? I miss having a garden, but have been lucky enough to get fresh vegetables from my mom and neighbor, and lots of fruits and vegetables at a nearby Farmer’s Market. I also just braved the crazy heat, and even crazier killer bees this weekend, to pick fresh blueberries from my Aunt’s blueberry bushes. I have been trying my best to incorporate fruits and/or veggies into every meal.

After a recent visit to the Farmer’s Market, I had a beautiful bounty of veggies that I wanted to use for dinner. I also couldn’t decide if I wanted enchiladas, tacos or fajitas. I wanted to use my fresh onions, peppers and tomatoes, but I also wanted enchilada sauce and cheese….SO, I taco-enchi-jitas. Yep, it’s now a thing. I created an entirely new dish to incorporate everything I wanted at the time. I’m sure they’ll be served in Mexican restaurants very soon. *ahem* Or not. But still…they were good!

Fresh ingredients are so pretty!
and you can’t go wrong with spice, sauce, and cheese either!
I used ® Taco and Fajita Tortillas and stuffed them with ground beef cooked with onions, peppers, and taco seasoning; covered it all in enchilada sauce and cheese, then topped it off with lettuce, tomatoes, plain yogurt and cilantro. Muy delicioso!  Fresh veggies used and craving satisfied!  You can get lots of recipes and ideas by visiting Old El Paso’s too.
And because Old El Paso wants to share the joy, I have a giveaway! You can get this awesome prize pack…
Market basket (which is great for the farmer’s market, but also great for the beach!)

Avocado keeper
Chopper with storage bowls
Old El Paso® Taco & Fajita Tortillas
Old El Paso® Traditional Refried Beans
(this did not come with my pack, so I can’t swear it will come in yours)
Old El Paso® Taco Seasoning
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  1. i think my favorite mexican food is the abuelos hot chocolate made with half n half. yum! thanks for such a nice and tasty giveaway-we love old el paso!

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