Pizza Monkey Bread

I had about a half a bag of in the freezer and decided I would try making pizza monkey bread.  I’ve seen it all over food blogs and  and I knew it would be a hit with my kids.  Especially since they are so ‘anti-sauce’.  Weird, I know.
Any dough would work really. You could use biscuits, homemade pizza dough, store bought dough, or any thawed frozen bread dough.  I love a versatile recipe!  I took my frozen rolls and stuck them in the fridge the morning I was going to make them.  That afternoon, I pulled them out and cut them in half.  After we got back from karate, the girls and I took the pieces of dough, flattened them out into small circles, and placed cheese in the middle.  I cut up a variety of cheese sticks I had, so we had mozzarella, colby jack, monterey, and cheddar.  What can I say, we like cheese.  I cut them into about 1 inch pieces.  We also added some mini turkey pepperonis to some of them.  
After adding your cheese/pepperoni, just seal the dough around the filling, making little balls of cheese-y goodness.
I sprayed a bundt pan with cooking spray, then added a layer of cheese filled dough balls.  Then I lightly sprayed them with olive oil and sprinkled on a little garlic powder.  Then we added the next layer, spraying with olive oil again and adding a little more garlic powder.  Then I sprinkled on some oregano.  After using all the dough (which only ended up being about a half a pan), I baked it up until golden brown…
The kids enjoyed this….
Cheese please!
You can also warm up some pizza sauce on the side for dipping.
I will definitely be making this again!
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9 thoughts on “Pizza Monkey Bread

  1. Mmmmmm this looks good. I did something similar with pizza dough and it was so good.

  2. DELICIOUS! you made me buy Rhodes frozen roll dough for the first time just to try this recipe out. I will keep buying this type of dough for sure. Thank you

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