Good news! Updates.

Move update – This crazy, long drawn out B of a move is almost complete!  Our stuff is scheduled to be delivered this morning….albeit in the rain as of right now (of course!) but once that is done, I will be relieved. Then comes the hardest part, unpacking everything and trying to decide where it all should go! I will be relying heavily on Pinterest for design ideas!  Suggestions are welcome.  We are living on the coast now, so that is where my mindset is for decorating. (that is where my mindset has always been for decorating! Until now, it just hasn’t fit in anywhere we’ve lived!)

so weird seeing your house empty!

Puppy update – my little booger bear (yes, that is a term of endearment) is doing very well! He is eating great & uhm, you know, getting rid of it well too! Thank God!! I still can’t believe my little 6 month old puppy went through all that. (You can check the previous post if you don’t know what I am talking about). He is getting lots of extra TLC (which is spoiling him even more!) and gets his staples out this week.  Everyone who has a pet, beware if they are chewers or canine garbage disposals.  My sister’s dog had to have this same surgery to remove a sock, my dog had various pieces of stuffing/plastic/paper stuck in his intestine (which the vet offered to give me to take home….uh, no thanks!), and I have heard from several others since my last post about other things dogs have eaten and either gotten very sick b/c they couldn’t digest it, or worse, they died b/c the owners didn’t know until it was too late 🙁 Not to mention the surgery is thousands of dollars. Yes, plural.  Sorry Disney Land fund.

He is giving me the ‘ha ha, I’m on the couch’ look

I should be able to get recipes and giveaways up and going again very soon.  Sorry this has taken so long, but hang with me, b/c I have two giveaways coming up asap that contain gift cards! Everyone loves gift cards!

Our first “real” meal…meaning we ate on real dinner plates! I picked up a rotisserie chicken from the local Food Lion, opened a can of green beans, nuked some kind of potatoes in a bag, had some bagged salad and canned biscuits! Gourmet 😀  As you can see, my son would have preferred (another) Happy Meal.  There is only so much fast food I can take, and I am over my limit.  
To coerce my son to eat, we said, ‘eat your carrots and green beans and you will grow big and strong like Daddy’, so he picked up his biscuit instead. I said ‘eat your biscuit, and you will be big and fluffy like Mommy’.  Guess which one he remembers? Yes, last night while I was brushing his teeth…he said, ‘I eat my biscuit and be big and fluffy like Mommy.’   Nice. 

3 thoughts on “Good news! Updates.

  1. Congrats on the move. We are preparing to move, too. I hate packing up. I've been MIA, so I will have to catch up on your posts! Happy Monday,

  2. YES on the move! And I'm so glad to hear your puppy is doing better!

    Kids really do remember the darndest things 😛

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