Blueberry Smoothie

BIG accomplishment made today!! Got my 2 year old, who basically lives off Rice Krispies, Cheerios, French Fries and apples (and I’m not kidding, that’s been his main diet for weeks now – except french fries only occasionally) to try, and actually drink a Blueberry Smoothie!! My version was SUPER simple, one container of

  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt (6 oz)
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • splash of skim milk so it would mix well.
  • I also added a pack of PureVia sugar sub b/c I wanted something SWEET (as usual).
  • Blend in blender!  Viola!

However, if you’re looking for other healthy Smoothies recipes, check these out. There are tons on the net. There are actually entire sites devoted to just smoothies.  I don’t know why I never fix them, but so excited that Terror (ok, that’s not his real name) tried something new AND healthy!!! Yay-me!  The yummy picture is not mine, b/c I didn’t think to take a pic before we consumed the entire glass – it’s from (who also has a blueberry smoothie recipe that looks good).  So anyway, serving of fruit, serving of dairy.  Not something kids need to drink all day b/c of sugar content (my yogurt had 13 grams), but a good little snack.

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