the reason my kids don’t trust me

So you know how you come across a recipe, oh….let’s say, a chocolate pudding recipe, but it’s made with avocado…you know, a “healthy” dessert, and think “wow, that sounds really good, I’ll have to try that”.  No? This hasn’t happened to you?  hmmmm, well, your kids are lucky.  I saw a recipe the other day that was called “Easy Chocolate Pudding” and it was made with avocado and cocoa.  Somehow I thought these ingredients could magically morph themselves into chocolate pudding my kids would like.  I delude myself often. (Like, when I convince myself I can do Zumba without looking like an idiot.)

My thoughts were, avocado is mild, creamy and the cocoa/sugar will make it nice and chocolate-y.  That’s logical right?  Right. wrong.

You start with this….

Should have been my first clue that this wasn’t going to fly.
But you end up with this.  Looks pretty good right?
Mr. Three is excited.  Initially.
Then it’s more, WTH is this?
That was his last taste.  Then he slid his plate away and said “I not like it”.
Miss Two said it was the most horrible thing she had ever tasted, and had to wash out her mouth.
Number One would not even try it.  Because she’s 10, and she knows.  She knows the things her mama does to food when they aren’t looking. 
Plus she is always all up in my bidness and saw the avocado ‘puree’.  I hate I wasted a whole avocado when I could have made guacomole.  (I couldn’t/wouldn’t eat the pudding either)
So, ‘healthy chocolate pudding’ = FAIL 
Now, when I make “real” chocolate pudding, they are going to be afraid to try it!
*Note – if you get the chocolate/sugar ratio right (which I didn’t), then your little one might like it!  (Especially if they’ve never eaten that stuff in the plastic cups.  The strange ingredient list is what has prompted me to make my own anyway.)  I’ve heard that avocado is a good “first food” to introduce kids too…I never thought of that with my kids.  Probably b/c I didn’t eat it myself until recently. Bummer.
Feel free to share any sneaky/healthy kids recipes!

7 thoughts on “the reason my kids don’t trust me

  1. Ha ha. That is hilarious! My kids have given me that reaction before. My 3 year old is obsessed with Quaker Oatmeal, which is great until you run out. I didn't even have the old fashioned for back up one morning. So I tried the grapenuts recipe where you heat it up with milk and sugar. The look on his face as the cereal dropped back out of his mouth was priceless. It was followed by the question.. "What kind of oatmeal is this?" haha. However I have just discovered a great little recipe in my cook book you may already be aware of that I am going to continue and tweak a little for fried shredded wheat he has excepted into the breakfast menu. You use the shredded wheat buiscuts and dip them in milk on each side. Make sure your pan is nice and hot with your choice of butter or light olive oil. Then fry them while flattening down. You can sprinkle cin/ sugar on them or serve with light syrup. After you get the dipping/ frying trick down without the sticking to the pan its a great little recipe and come to find out a similar dish to the egyption desert kanafa. They do the shredded wheat in the bottom as a layer.. add middles like sugar/nuts or custard and then another layer of wheat. Sounds really good. Loved your post. Have a great day.

  2. Ha! Tricky, very tricky. I love it. I plan to do similar things to my children. I mean, it's only right. Something about helping them grow big and strong and sneaking in vegetables…I mean eating your vegetables. 🙂 I don't think my mama was ever that sneaky, but she might've been. I'm going to have to ask her now. I would be impressed if she had.

  3. i'm interested to know what this tasted like. i would have thought it would be well hidden b/c like you said it is mild and creamy.

    oh, and the emergency call they got today was for the other dude…his dog is dying. which is terribly sad of course, but kinda strange they would contact him AT SEA.

  4. That is too funny! I've often wondered if that type of recipe would turn out!

    I'm planning to add loads of spinach to my kids popcicles/smoothies this summer. I'm working on the combinations. I'll make them up and post them on my blog in the next couple of weeks. Its not hot here yet so I have to wait a bit to make them up. 🙁

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