ghetto tacos

This quick and easy dinner idea came from the kids.  They rarely buy their lunch at school, but I noticed they always wanted to buy on “fiesta taco” days .  I asked them to describe these fiesta tacos, thinking this was something I could fix for them at home.  They said it’s taco meat with cheese on top and a bag of Doritos. uhm, okay…is that it?  They said yes, then said “oh, you can get some lettuce if you want it”.  I thought, ‘how ghetto‘….hence, ghetto tacos were born!  Don’t ask.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know when I purchased the Doritos, b/c I swear they were like crack.  I couldn’t stop eating them.  I felt gross, and remembered why I don’t buy them anymore.  I have no will power.  Anyway, I went ahead and fixed this dinner before I could shove all the Doritos down my throat.

Taco meat made with lean ground meat (90/10) and taco seasoning; fiesta blend cheese; lettuce; Rotel tomato and green chile sauce; plain yogurt (in the place of sour cream) & of course, Doritos.
My kids thought it was great.
Mr. Three is showing off his orange fingers.  Turns out, he really likes Doritos too.
Definitely not a gourmet meal, but if you are looking for something kid friendly and fast – this fits the bill.  My girls did inform me that they usually choose Baked Doritos – that they were a healthier option.  Don’t you hate when your kids are right, and they throw something you’ve taught them back in your face?!  Go clean your room.

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8 thoughts on “ghetto tacos

  1. Love the orange fingers! Flaming hot cheetos cannot be in my house – I will eat the whole bag, no problem!

    I've been to parties where the host has the taco meat in a crock pot, all the fixings on the side, and then the individual serving bags of fritos, doritos – you open your bag, top it with the meat and toppings and she hands you a plastic fork – you can eat while standing up! 😀

  2. We do this too, only I crush up the chips in a bowl and I mix in a can of refried beans into the meat and I call this "Ghetto Taco Salad". It works great as a left over for school lunches. Maybe we'll try Ghetto Tacos too for a change! 🙂

  3. Haha. We love these too, only in MN they call them Walking Tacos, and even serve them at county fairs and such. We find they're good birthday party fare. And who doesn't like tacos??? 😀

  4. We had traditional tacos for dinner tonight, and when I just read the ingredients for your Ghetto Tacos to my kids, they said "can we have that tomorrow night????" Oh the Doritos….we all love them so (and I can't buy them because I'd eat the whole bag.) Yum – thanks for sharing – this would be fun to make!

  5. I've been craving tacos and now I'm craving Doritos and tacos. Doritos are like crack for me too, girl. I know that I won't last the week before I put it on the menu now that I've read your post. When I was growing up, my mom made the old taco salad with Catalina Dressing that I still love to this day. One of the best parts for me were the Doritos that she put in it. Yum!

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