Old Fashioned Fudge

Need I say more?  If you are a lover of all things chocolate like myself, then fudge pretty much causes a Pavlov’s dog response.  However, I’m a fudge snob.  It can’t be that soft, marshmallow-y stuff…which is fine if that’s what you like…but no…for me, it has to be the old-fashioned fudge.  The one that requires a candy thermometer (or the ability to determine “hard ball vs soft ball” stage, etc.  In other words…skillz…which I ain’t got)
This fudge has an intense, rich chocolate taste that is like no other.  To get it at the perfect hardness, it requires the baking gods to be shining down upon you.  You also can’t have unwavering concentration, no variations in temp, no kids bouncing and jumping around the house, and breathing needs to be kept to a minimum. (I’m kidding. Sort of.) AND, you must, must only use a WOODEN spoon.  Don’t ask why.  These are the rules to making the perfect fudge.  You also have to have the sheer will power and determination to “beat” the fudge, with said wooden spoon, beyond what you think is possible.  You will feel like your arm is going to fall off.  It’s a great workout.  Which totally justifies consuming fudge in quantities that can only be described as…embarrassing.
these are the last few pieces…so I have them guarded

Because this fudge requires so much ‘focus’…it is only made during Christmas in the Mo’Betta house.  And frequently, it does not turn out exactly as it should…but even the not so perfect batches are completely awesome.  This was my first attempt this holiday season.  I tried to hurry through it…which is a major no-no in the fudge making world, so it didn’t firm up as much as it should.  However, still highly edible.

What do you need to make this awesomeness?  It’s worth the effort I promise!

Old Fashioned Fudge

2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 cup milk
4 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1.  Grease an 8×8 inch square baking pan. Set aside.
2.  Whisk together sugar, cocoa and milk in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly with wooden spoon. Reduce heat and simmer. Do not stir again.
3.  Place candy thermometer in pan and cook until temperature reaches 238 degrees F(114 degrees C). If you are not using a thermometer, then cook until a drop of this mixture in a cup of cold water forms a soft ball. Feel the ball with your fingers to make sure it is the right consistency. It should flatten when pressed between your fingers.
4.  Once it reaches 238 degrees, remove from heat. Add butter or margarine and vanilla extract. Beat with a wooden spoon until the fudge loses its sheen. Do not under beat. It will start to get thick and hard to stir.
5.  Pour into prepared pan and let cool. Cut into about 60 squares.  or 10 😉

Source: Allrecipes.com


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  1. I totally love your description! ! I feel the same way about making delicious old fashioned fudge!! Thanks for making me smile!! It's good to know I'm not the only fudge loving snob out there!!!

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