Do you TOFU?

Did Mo’ say Tofu?  Yes, you heard (read) correctly.  Tofu has graced the Mo’Betta household for the FIRST time.  I have never had a desire to eat tofu, nor have I ever bought it or even thought about cooking it.  Until the other day.  I read a blog post over at PreventionRD for Tofu Parmigiana…and it sounded interesting.  Good even.  So I thought I would give it a try.

 Looks pretty tasty doesn’t it?  Is there tofu under all that cheese?  You bet.  I may have put a little more cheese and sauce than the recipe called for.  What can I say, I was nervous.  However, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Tofu doesn’t have much flavor, so all you could really taste is the sauce and cheese.  And we luuuv cheese.  The texture was not as bad as I thought it was going to be either – it was like processed chicken.  (I know, that doesn’t conjure up yummy thoughts, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it)  However, the rest of the family wouldn’t eat it.  I should have just hidden the tofu package and told them it was chicken.  Number One wouldn’t even try it.  Number Two tried it, but said she didn’t like the tofu.  Mr. Terrible Two tried it, gagged, and spit it out.  Go figure.  He does have issues with texture however.  He only eats the crispy outside of a chicken nugget, the edges of bread…I don’t know, he’s weird.  Hopefully it’s a stage he will outgrow.  Soon!  I thought it was good.  My husband went to the gym and came home with this…

Fried chicken from the grocery store!  Because what’s healthier than that for a post-workout meal.(that’s sarcasm).  I wanted to kick his butt – he claimed he didn’t like the taste of the tofu either.  What.ev.err. 

So, if anyone wants to come over for lunch today, I have leftovers;)  But trust me, it really was good!  The recipe can be found here.  The only changes I made were omitting the egg so Mr. T. Two could try it (wasted effort on Mommy’s part) and just dipped the tofu in milk before coating with the bread crumbs.  I used seasoned Panko.  I also skipped the garlic b/c I was too lazy to chop it up.  I used Ragu Light Spaghetti sauce with no added sugar (for the diabetic hubs – also wasted effort) instead of marinara.  I ended up needing bigger than an 8″ square pan, but I think it’s b/c I sliced my tofu pretty thin.  Again, I was nervous about what it was going to taste like!  However, I would make it again if anyone else would eat it.  I’ll be experimenting with tofu again, and just not telling anyone 😉

Does anyone else have foods they are scared to try?  We don’t eat a lot of variation around here, but I’m trying to change that!

Stayed tuned b/c I’ll be back to my normal self soon…I have some chocolate chip pumpkin bread to talk about 🙂

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