Dark Chocolate Cake Donuts (baked, egg free)

My oldest daughter wanted donuts for breakfast.  So I said fine, but you have to make them!  We decided on the baked chocolate donuts we have made before.  Hop on over for the full recipe.  The only changes we made to the original this time was that we used dark chocolate cocoa instead of regular, plain yogurt instead of soy, and an egg replacement of 1 T. vinegar/1 T. milk/1 t. baking powder.

They were a hit with the little man.  Note all the fruit still sitting on his plate.  He finally ate some of it once all the donuts were gone.
all this came from my garden 😀 
These donuts were better than the last time I made them.  My daughter is convinced that it was her special touch that made them better.  I’m pretty sure it was the dark cocoa powder, but I’m not going to burst her culinary bubble.  Still not the same as eating a full fat, fried doughnut…but they are evil and should be avoided 😉
Have a great weekend!!

6 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Cake Donuts (baked, egg free)

  1. Mmmm…they look really good. Doughnuts are something that have been on my "to-make" list forever, yet I still haven't. You've inspired me to get my bootie in motion 😉

  2. i snagged your recipe…as i think im going to get my kids the mini donut maker for xmas! shhh…don't tell!

    but i wanted to comment on the dark cocoa and i bet that was the key ingredient(and your daughter's touch!) i made chocolate hummus with dark cocoa and it was DYNAMITE…then i made it with reg. cocoa and it was dreadful…

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