Fresh Start

So this is what I’d like to be doing today instead of sitting at home!  I started a blog months ago, have deleted almost all the posts, and now I’ve decided to start over…with a purpose!  Sort of…  My goal is to motivate myself, and MAYBE a few others to live better, in baby steps, of course. 
I am a mother of three, and I am trying to raise them to be happy, healthy, confident people.  I am finding THIS IS A HARD JOB!!!  For the healthy part,  the slogans parents hear are great – EAT LESS, MOVE MORE….FIVE A DAY….MCDONALD’S IS EVIL (okay, I made that one up), but my point is….it is SO much easier said than done.  Some days are just plain HARD – and you REALLY want to go through a drive through (at said evil place maybe?) and order junk food!!!  Junk food is good!!  I mean, it’s BAD!!  But it tastes good – sometimes.  So how do we teach our kids moderation?  Healthy eating habits to last a life-time?  Prevent Type II Diabetes, elevated blood pressures and cholesterol, obesity….Do I have the answer? NO!  Sorry, didn’t mean to get anyone excited.  But again, my point is – I am trying.  I am trying to set my children up to live a healthy lifestyle – when they are away from home, especially.  It’s easy to control what they eat at home.  Hopefully the habits will stick with them throughout their life times.  With a strong family history of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, we have to eat right, eat healthy and hopefully live and eat well! 
I am especially challenged with my children b/c I have one that is super thin and muscular – every girls dream; one that is >95% for weight on her growth chart; and a son with food allergies! Not to mention a diabetic husband, and myself, who is still working on losing baby weight…from 9 years ago 😉  So…maybe if I actually write things down, I’ll feel more accountble.  I’ll be more motivated to not buy Kid Cuisine’s, fish sticks and chicken nuggets.  We’ll see….wish me luck.

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