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HUGGIES® has invited me to share a baby proofing story with you, because we all know that once little ones get active, they can get into just about anything! With three kids, I have several stories about my active babies, some funny (like the time one of them decided to color all over themselves with red marker and I almost had a heart attack thinking they were covered in blood…okay, maybe that wasn’t all that funny, but another good reason to keep plenty of HUGGIES® Triple Clean Wipes around!), some are gross (like the time my crawling baby ate a large dead bug and I almost vomited when I fished a leg out of her mouth…yes, I told it was gross), and some stories are downright frightening, like the one and only time *knock on wood* that I had to call Poison Control. I figured that is the one to share, because it could have had dangerous consequences and maybe it will help someone else not make the same mistake I did.

When my girls were about 1 and 3 years old I think, they were in their playroom just playing away.  This was back when they actually got along really well instead of fighting constantly…but that’s a different post altogether. It was a Friday evening and my husband and I had decided to cook dinner together (a rarity) and we were both in the kitchen. This was a one level house, so the kids were not all that far away, but I couldn’t see them. I had been at work all day, and when I came in I had just dropped my work bag on the floor in the office, which was across from the playroom.  I didn’t think anything about it, since my girls never messed with my bag before. I traveled a lot during the day with my job, so I kept all kinds of stuff in my bag…it was kind of like my pocket book/slash brief case. I had candy (of course) but I also had some sinus medication in there.  They were little red pills in a blister type package. Attention: they are NOT child proof! As my husband and I were preparing dinner, I had that moment of panic, as all parents do, when they realize their children are suddenly being very quiet. I ran back to see what they were doing, and yes, they had gotten in my work bag and pulled out the one thing that could hurt them. The sinus medication. Why they didn’t go for the candy is beyond me, but they decided to pull out the sinus pills. My oldest had been popping them out of the blister pack, and my youngest had red stuff on her mouth. My heart fell to my feet! I couldn’t remember how many had been left in the package, but there were a few pills on the floor. I could tell one of the kids had attempted to eat one and spit it out (thank goodness). The pills didn’t have any kind of coating and were bitter (another thank you) but still, I had no way of knowing how many they may have ingested.  I called Poison Control, and they were very calm and rational (which I wasn’t at this point). It ended up that most of the pills were accounted for, and with what they could have possibly ingested, it wasn’t dangerous. They told me what to look for, but the kids did fine and I learned a very valuable lesson. I routinely kept all the medicines out of their reach at home, but I didn’t think about what was in my work bag. I had forgotten all about those. You can bet I didn’t forget again! It was a scary evening, and I thank God for looking over my babies!

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3 thoughts on “Baby Proofing your life with HUGGIES® {#ad}

  1. Scary! Wyatt just started crawling so I'm a total nervous wreck lately. Everything look life threatening to me now. I'm starting to miss the days when I could put him down somewhere and he just stayed 🙂

  2. Oh yes, things are forever changed! Just wait until he starts walking…then you get to worry about what he is getting into, as well as falling and bumping his head. Good times 🙂

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